Its all by Allah's grace

Prayers Timings

Fajar: 5:30 AM

Zuhar: 12:30 PM

Asar: 04:15 PM

Magrib: sunset

Isha: 08:15 PM

Friday Prayers:

Khutba: 1:05 pm

Iqama: 1:30

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Dawah Program

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Almighty Allah we have come a long way in getting our Dawah Trainings sessions to our community members with the help of Gain Peace partnership.

Since we have learned so much from our Dawah Training sessions and now we are ready to present on our Graduation Day On Saturday September 7th 2019 what we have learned.

Some of our brothers are signed up to present a short 5 min lecture on the following topics each.

1. Sects in Christianity -Abdul Khaliq
2. Books in Christianity -Tanveer Jaffer
3. Concepts of Trinity- Adnan Hasan
4. Existence of God - Imran Ul Haq
5. Religions of the world-Aamir Ahmed
6. Crucifixion facts or fiction — Arif Hussain

Still , we have the availability of 4 more slots of 5 min each from the following topics. If you are interested in presenting please pick any topic from below and let me know.

1. How to give Dawah to a non- muslim
2. Beliefs in Christianity
3. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
4. Maryam(AS) in Quran vs Bible
5. Isa(AS) in Islam and Christianity
6. Difficult Questions.
7. Atheism
8. Judaism
9. Importance of propagation of Islam.
10. Books of Religion-Revealed books in Islam
11. Prophets in Islam vs Christianity.

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Quran Teaching Class

Sunday after Fajar

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Since 1993

Dawah: Our Responsibility

Dear Community Members,
As Masjid Quba(AMPO-2) is dedicated & Committed to its Dawah programs as its core component.
As a part of Dawah program Masjid-Quba has started FREE Dawah training classes. This Training class is for Muslims / Potential New Muslims. If you happen to know anyone who is interested in knowing islam then it is encouraged to forward this message to them and ask to join this class.
For our Muslim Brothers / Sisters If you are interested in learning techniques to do proper dawah this is your golden opportunity.

Dawah training Nov 2018

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