Its all by Allah's grace

Prayers Timings

Fajar: 4:30 from First Ramadan

Zuhar: 01:30

Asar: 06:00

Magrib: sunset

Isha: 09:45

Friday Prayers:

Khutba: 1:00 pm

Iqama: 1:45

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Traveeh Huffaz

Dr. Hafiz Anas
1. By profession he is a practicing medical doctor, an orthopedic surgeon.
2. He is Ijazah Certified meaning he learned his tajweed from the ustads who learned from the chain of ustads who learned from Prophet (SAW)
3. Alhamdulillah, he is leading Taraweeh here at Masjid-Quba from last two years. Mashallah and
4. He tutors our young huffaz and gives tajweed lessons to our young Adults.

Hafiz Sulaiman Saleem
1. Memorized the holy Quran in Darul-Uloom, Deoband India.
2. Completed 8 years of Alim course from Darul-Uloom, Deoband India.
3. Taught Tahfeezul-Quran at the Institute of Islamic Education (IIE) Elgin.
4. Since Early 2000 he has been teaching Alim Courses at the Institute. Mashallah!

Welcome to Our Young Stars
1. Hafiz Mustafa Ahmed
2. Hafiz Afaan Hussain
3. Hafiz Abdul Ahad

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Quran Teaching Class

Sunday after Fajar

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Dawah: Our Responsibility

Dear Community Members,
As Masjid Quba(AMPO-2) is dedicated & Committed to its Dawah programs as its core component.
As a part of Dawah program Masjid-Quba has started FREE Dawah training classes. This Training class is for Muslims / Potential New Muslims. If you happen to know anyone who is interested in knowing islam then it is encouraged to forward this message to them and ask to join this class.
For our Muslim Brothers / Sisters If you are interested in learning techniques to do proper dawah this is your golden opportunity.

Dawah training Nov 2018

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